A gift of God in your life, is to enjoy a state of wellness and healing that is the opposite of what you deserve based on your lifestyle and unhealthy choices and practices that produces sickness, weakness and untimely infirmities and death. Mercy is God’s gift to us that we “do not” get the penalty and punishment we deserve because of our disobedience, rejection and/or ignoring God’s revealed will and purpose for our existence. Because God loves us immeasurably He sent His Son Jesus to become guilty in our place suffering the penalty we deserve to suffer ourselves. When God made His Holy and Righteous Beloved Son guilty, as our substitute, He made us the righteousness of God that is in Christ Jesus as a gift the moment we believe. When we repent and trust with all our heart, mind and soul this completed work of God through His Son Jesus for us then MERCY HEALTH of spirit, mind and body begins its work on our behalf in us. Christ suffered on the cross and died in our place but three days after His death and burial He was resurrected by God The Holy Spirit and He now lives forever to intercede and facilitate MERCY HEALTH to each of us that trust Him. He empowers us to live and practice healthy lifestyles that complement The Gift. Amen Jesus!!

Pastor Charles M Washington MD